Here you find the latest additions to my site & some background on the 'making of'


November 2016




More laundry - added during a vacation in Madeira


August 2016




What started out as an exercise from my photo seminar, turned into a collection of 'crisscross' photos, which I expect to further build over time. Once you started, you see crosses everywhere....


March 2016


Brief encounter


This series is taken in Basel while riding the tram line 8, which connects Basel with Weil am Rhein, Germany. We each are on our way, but there are those short moments when you spot people outside and wonder what they are up to ...


November 2015




When I went for a walk during the last few hours of my vacation in Miami, they started to got ready for Art Basel Miami. The pink walls and the gentleman painting immediately got my attention. I would have liked to stay longer and take some pictures when he was finished painting, but I had to catch my flight back home...


July 2015




'Boat garage' - and other great moments from Iceland during a vacation in July 2015


February 2015


Parr tribute


I am a big  fan of Martin Parr. Visiting Polo St. Moritz in February 2015 was a great opportunity to add some shots to my 'Parr tribute' series.